Gloucester pet services                  

  This is a very new venture for us.

But really, why didn't we do this years ago!

With the back ground that we have with our own dogs and animals.

       Why didn't we do this sooner!         

We aim to be one of the best.

One of the most experienced dog walkers in Gloucestershire!

We aim also to do micro chipping which will be compulsory by 2016.

Not that long away.

We also are International pet couriers so if you are travelling abroad ,

we can make sure your pet gets to where you are going safely.

We will treat any dog/ cat as if our own.

 We do really not want to be like the pet couriers I've seen.

Just think the animal is just a package!

NO we'd never do that.     


Our van is crated out.

 Nice thick vet beds for comfort and a escape door.

 In case of an accident we are covered by our dog walking and courier insurance

 and also hold a pet courier licence too enabling us to send dogs cats abroad ,

This year we are just starting up we can offer

Dog walking

Pet taxi

Nail clipping

Dog training

Advice on any behaviour problems

we are fully insured Micro chipping to come later on in the year i have to get a course first and buy the equipment


Contact us 

01452 560593