Having come from a home that always had a dog I've always respected the German shepherd.

    I always wanted my own as the one we had Rin had to be shared with my brothers and sisters!

    After leaving home I got my own well bred German shepherd called Fran.

     after trying to win obedience with her (she hated it) as soon as we won I retired her!

    When I bred my first litter of gsd's I kept a dog back (Chad) for obedience,

     determined to not have such a hard battle as I had with Fran so I made every thing FUN .


    Chad my black and gold short coat dog was a beauty not only in looks but nature.

     I had him hip scored wondering if his hips would be better than his mums (Fran ) her score was 10

    Chad's came back at 8 so I was very happy.

     I went on with Chad to win many obedience competitions agility and also Breed .

    So in 1990 I got my GURNEYS affix.

    I have over the years produced some beautiful dogs and have enjoyed every second of it.

    and I've made some wonderful friends.

     My husband and I are as mad as each other for our dogs and our passion lives on to this day.